Jeff Sessions appears to be incompetent and spineless

December 6, 2017

Why is Jeff sessions holding back on any investigations into the Clinton foundation as well as Hillarys deleting of email approximately 30k ,Benghazi & uranium one. These are all crimes much more serious then what General Flynn is being harassed over. Why would Jeff Sessions also allow the Robert Muller circus to continue as this is clearly a partisan witch hunt.



December 4, 2017

The demise of California is inevitable as the following points are reviewed. The tax base is in decline as business exits California due to over regulation and tax burdens. California has raised the minimum wage that will be 15.00 per hour by 2023 if the economy is not in decline but here is the question business can not leave the state fast enough as regulation strangles progress. Taxes due to this exodus continue to increase the most recent is the gas tax which just reduced the standard of living for both low and middle income families by raising the cost of commuting to work as well as the food we eat and clothes we wear as anything that must be transported just went up. California is know a sanctuary city which allows the harboring of illegal aliens & criminals and gives a free pass to those who murder our citizens as experienced in the Kate Steinle case.The demise of California is inevitable unless things change quickly but it is highly unlikely as too many policies of degradation are already in place. California,s policies have put the rest of the nation at risk.


December 3, 2017

The City of San Francisco should be held liable for the death of Kate Steinle. The City and it,s elected officials have broken federal law with their sanctuary and they should be held accountable for their part in this act of murder. No amount of money can replace the loss of Kate but if the federal government would do it’s job and enforce the laws already in place it would prevent future losses of our citizens by the criminal element that sanctuary cities harbor. The federal government needs to implement fines to cities who break the law as well as fines and jail sentences to all public officials who do not abide by federal immigration law. Jerry Brown and the state of California should be put on notice and if they continue with the sanctuary state policy it should be considered and act of treason and  ALL FEDERAL FUNDING CUT. California is becoming the gateway for drugs,thugs,sex trafficking,felons and terrorist to enter this country.We as a nation are only as strong as our weakest state and California is pretty damn weak in fact if Jerry Brown had his way he would turn the whole state over to Mexico but since he cannot he is letting Mexico just take it by illegal immigration. The only thing we can do as the average citizen is vote and boycott cities and states that promote sanctuary for illegal aliens.


November 25, 2017

It was a great Thanksgiving and the first in a long time without football yet a huge success. There was more time spent visiting and gathering with family & friends without the distraction of the over paid punks in the NFL who choose not to be thankful for the great opportunity they have been afforded in this country. This time next year  it would be great if those ignorant asses are kneeling in forgiveness for disrespecting our country and military and hopefully a significant pay reduction due to lack of enthusiasm for their behavior.GOD BLESS AMERICA & GODDAMN THE NFL.


November 11, 2017

The GOP is in disarray  as the pressure for them to actually do something like passing a tax reform bill and repealing Obama care is too much pressure. Republicans and Democrats both struggle with taking a stand on any issues as this may offend a potential voter and risk re election and the gravy train. It is common for politicians today to be neutral and not risk loosing an election as the benefits of the position are of more benefit than those actions which make our country better. Prostitution is illegal yet it is alive and well in Washington DC as the House and Senate screw over America in effort to keep their job’s We have a President who is all about get er done yet the House and Senate can’t perform they are obstructing the progress America desires. Republicans are pissing away a great opportunity to make positive change in this country and if they fail to act now this opportunity may never come again they must remember country first self interest second. The following politicians have overstayed their time in office, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein & John Mc Cain



November 11, 2017

In support of our veterans America should boycott the NFL to show their support for our veterans and the national anthem.



October 31, 2017

Baseballs world series  is truly refreshing  to watch as there is no drama just truly professional athletes with one exception on the Huston Astros. It is amazing to witness the difference in mentality between the NFL & MLB . I have always been a Football fanatic and never watched much baseball yet with the current protest by the NFL I have stopped watching and have switched to baseball. WOW  I have screwed myself for a long time as baseball is Americas sport as the NFL locks arms with Russia and others who hate America why do we support this anti American organization? I find myself much more relaxed when I do not watch football and all the political bullshit they bring into the game. Did you see the Huston Texans wow what a bunch of losers at least Huston can be proud of the Astros. The NFL can fix the issue of players kneeling during the national anthem by simply invoking the following rules. The first time you kneel during the national anthem it is a 5k fine, the second time it is a 25k fine and two game suspension without pay, the third time is a one year suspension and possible loss of contract/job. The best method in dealing with an asshole is to be one.


October 24, 2017

Democrats are now scrambling to cover their tracks as their house of cards starts to crumble.The Democrats have pushed hard to tie Trump to the Russians yet what was discovered?  The Clintons & The Obama administration are guilty of quid pro quo in the uranium one deal they sold out America in and act of treason by taking bribes from Russia and giving away twenty percent of our uranium reserves to Russia .Where was Robert Muller how much was he paid to turn a blind eye?This democratic machine is a scary scenario as they betray their fellow Americans for financial gain.We the people must press this issue as democrats will try to put a lid on it. We as a country have never experienced government corruption of this magnitude it is sickening as it compromises our national security while lining the pockets of a few greedy pigs.





October 17, 2017

Picture this Scary Jerry has signed a bill to make California a sanctuary city. What does this mean for the middleclass of California it simply means you are now burdened with supporting millions more citizens in addition to those on welfare as they cannot support themselves. Many of them will be entitled to medical benefits that are better than yours and the state of California would like you to believe they are paying the tab . Let’s make one thing clear the state gets it’s MONEY FROM TAXES AND FEES it has no other means to generate income it is your money being redistributed to those who may not be entitled or deserving. They actually may have better health care than you at your expense. We are not the world police nor should we be the worlds welfare as each country should be held accountable for their citizens as opposed to sending them to the USA. Jerry Brown should be impeached for treason against the middleclass.


October 17, 2017

AMERICA suffers from cultural wars & sexual predators many of which stem from the democratic party. BILL CLINTON,JIMMY KIMMEL &HARVEY WEINSTIEN are all one of the same. HOLLYWOOD promotes the sexual abuse of youth as well as women and men struggling  to get an opportunity . The casting couch is real and many democrats and HOLLYWOOD turned a blind eye and let this tragedy destroy the lives of many.Many democratic politicians are beholden to Weinstien due to his campaing contrabutitions and their acceptance of this money is their approval of his behavior.Hillary Clinton is one of the major benafactors of Weinstien donations and she has no intention of returning the money so she is as guilty as he.Democrats have their own casting couch as BillClinton proved in the Whitehouse with Monica Lewenski.  HOLLYWOOD & DEMOCRATS consist of many disgusting pigs who are selfish mindless zombies resulting from drug & alcohol abuse. They despise those of us with different values yet their own lives are often a mess as they live in a delusionary state of mind as reality escapes them as they loose touch with reality under the influence of drugs , alcohol& acting. We must recognize these phony plastic people for who the are and who they are not while never taking them seriously as they are merely actors reading scripts and rarely have thoughts of their own.