September 2, 2016

Colin has decided he is a Johnny do gooder by refusing to stand for our national anthem to show his support for black lives matter and other radical black gang members.  Although this is his as we live in a free country people in this country also have the right to eat their own shit but most choose not to. Colin has shown poor judgement that which is a display of ignorance and is inexcusable.

I feel Colin should be fined and removed from the NFL and encouraged to move to one of the terrorist nations that most agree with his obscure beliefs. In addition I could never support or watch a team who harbored such a hateful coward and feel he should be benched and fined for his actions and if he continues he must be fired. We have too much violence in this country  to have some arrogant ignorant ass support the cause of a few thugs. If you suck at football get out a become a politician but do not try to be both.