October 25, 2016

GoodFirstStepToFixAmericaI have always been a proud American and red white & blue forever but one cannot help to be discouraged as well as disappointed in one’s fellow Americans as we watch support for Hillary grow. Hillary is not the agent of change and has presided over the demise of American influence in the world as well as the death of innocent Americans in Benghazi with no explanation. Hillary could be tried on several charges like collusion ,treason dereliction of duty and pay for play. Hillary is both a polished politician as well as a criminal and yet she is seeking the office of president rather than a defense attorney WOW. What is even more disheartening is that the majority of the electorate appears to be stupid enough to vote for her but one must not put a lot of faith in the polls as the media is for Clinton and they will deceive you in order  to influence the outcome . Insanity in America is running rampant and could be a sign of a bigger problem for the future of this country as our moral standards waiver. Hillary Clinton is blaming Russia for the wikileaks stating that Russia is undermining our elections and trying to sway the vote to elect Trump . These emails are not being denied by Clinton these are actual statements from her and her staff that contradict many of her positions that she projects in her speeches . I personally appreciate this information as we the people have been lied too by Hillary and she is standing before America and speaking out of both sides of her mouth. It is Insane that any fellow American that loves this country would vote for someone who is responsible for the murder of fellow Americans and also continually lies to the American people while avoiding prosecution.When you own the FBI anything is possible even screwing over the American electorate WITH A FRAUDULENT ELECTION .  A vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is equal to a for for Clinton and the status quo. Help defeat political corruption VOTE TRUMP.



August 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton justified her lies this week by stating she had a short circuit on her conversation and statements  of FBI director  James Comey after a Fox News interview resulted in her lying on national TV. Is this the same short circuit that happened on Benghazi? If so is she really mentally and physically up to the job as president ?I FOR ONE THINK NOT ….We as Americans deserve better we need to be able to trust our government something we have not been able to do under the current administration.


July 2, 2016

America faces a pivotal point this November 8th as we go to the polls to elect our next President. After seven and a half years under Obama freedom fighters are weary.  Obama has chipped away at our constitution undermined the integrity of the USA and put us at risk in the face of are enemies.Never in the history of this country has any president created such poverty and government dependency.Never in the history of this country has a president tried to flood the country with poor immigrants and terrorist who will add to and already bankrupt social system while killing innocent Americans in their homes and place of worship.This president is bringing the fight against terrorism to our doorstep and having the American tax payer feed and cloth these terrorist and non working immigrants many of which live better than the middle class tax payer who is strapped with supporting these immigrants. We now have a Presidential election that will offer more of the same policies with the election of Hillary Clinton. Hillary will continue the Obama policies and take it a little farther going after gun rights and increasing taxes while flooding the country with illegal immigrants . The Clinton foundation is the new world order and it controls all governments and play’s us all like a game of chess but they never lose and we are all expendable as we have seen in Benghazi. This foundation and it’s pay to play policy is the most corrupt organized crime in the history of this country and threatens our freedom and national security as we are close to being ruled by a dictatorship. We only have one chance left to repair the damage that Obama has done and prevent the Clinton machine from enslaving us and that chance comes with the election of Donald Trump for president.If we fail to elect Trump we fail our founding fathers and all of our service members who served their nation to keep us free.