July 4, 2016

This 4th of July we as Americans should pay tribute by saying a prayer or simply acknowledging the loss of American Patriots in Benghazi. This tragedy was so unnecessary they died so some politicians could continue their careers.They were sold out by the government they served let us not make the same mistake again use common sense when electing the next president.



July 3, 2014

Here is one of the most obvious signs of Government failure something so simple as securing our border and protecting the American citizens yet Obama has failed. He prefers to flood the country with illegal immigrants not out of compassion but spite and hatred for the country we have as well as political gain even at the cost of destroying this great country which he refers to as transformation. Obama is the prime example of all that is wrong with this country he stands for all that is wrong for this country he has had no real accomplishments in life other than being elected President and he cheated the system to accomplish this. It can be assumed that he and Michelle spent his victory night burning the American flag as he did prior to being elected. When an arrogant incompetent ignorant man is given power for the first time in life they often struggle with separating themselves from reality and godlike . Obama sees himself as godlike well the majority of America sees a dumb ignorant incompetent man who is defying the will of the people and the laws of our land. We have a rogue president who will go down in history as the worst president ever. He needs an attitude adjustment in the form of impeachment no one should be allowed to get away with the crap he has and not be punished. If we do not take control of our country soon we may never celebrate the 4th of July again. It is the actions of these protesters that are the first step the impeachment of Obama is the next. Let’s get the impeachment party started!

Obama’s foreign policy is ghost like…no one can see it !

March 6, 2014

While the Obama administration searches for a foreign policy that seems to elude him the world is in disarray in realization of his weak and indecisiveness .The world thugs and terrorist are running ramped while Obama seems to be speechless and impudent .It is now apparent Obama can do nothing right Foreign or Domestic as his approval ratings plummet with all Americans it is clear he will need serious psychological counseling as he is considered Americas worst president and one of most incompetent men ever to be in world leadership.



The Forgotten Man

January 12, 2014

It is sickening to see what is happening to this country under comandante Obama. He is dismantling years of progress and capitalism with his regressive socialist agenda. He hate’s America but love’s himself and socialism he is as dangerous as Hitler.


November 5, 2013

The poem . received it today. Very thought-provoking and poignant. I
do recall, however, the President referring to the Benghazi incident
as “a bump in the road.” I also heard an ex-Navy Seal being
interviewed on Fox News regarding a book he has written about how to
handle crisis situations in our lives. At the end of the interview,
he asked if he could make a comment on Benghazi and of course the
anchor said yes.

He then thanked Fox News for keeping the Benghazi story in the news,
since other news organizations are not. He said the Seals who died
deserve the public knowing the truth about the whole affair. The poem
was written by a Marine Corps officer (ANON).


We’re the battling boys of Benghazi
No fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell
Defending our country we loved so well.

It wasn’t our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the Consulate and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty Countrymen from the jaws of fate
Led them to safety, and stood at the gate.

Just the two of us, and foes by the score,
But we stood fast to bar the door.
Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,
So we fought, and we fought, and we fought ’til we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
But Barack Obama didn’t give a damn.
Just two dead seals who carried the load
No thanks to us…we were just “Bumps In The Road”.

Please circulate this email….please keep it going so it will reach
every American with a computer. Something has to be done with the
incompetent people who literally sat there in the White House and
watched the Seals’ execution on live streaming video and did
absolutely nothing!

The Obama Administration must be held accountable and that will not
happen unless ALL of US demand it!

Martin/Zimmerman Toons & Pics

August 2, 2013






July 6, 2013

Many American service men and women have lost their lives defending the freedom of we the people of the United States. Those servicemen and women who did not lose their life but came home wounded and possibly disabled from loss of limb or other disability possibly mental or stress. These servicemen and women should be our number one priority yet they are often lost in the system and denied basic essential services. The lack of respect and concern for the health and future of or servicemen and women by this administration is disgraceful. The irony of this is our government appears to be more concerned with justice for illegal aliens over justice for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Can this be just that our government want,s amnesty for those who broke our laws while those who defended these very laws go without ? I guess when the President of the United States kills his own as Obama did in Benghazi with no consequences the old saying the fox is in the hen-house rings true. Although Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the USA and was elected president with the assistance of acorn and voter fraud this matter has not inspired a revolt which means the backbone of America has weakened and our best days are behind us.

Betrayal in Benghazi

June 24, 2013

Betrayal in BenghaziPhil “Hands Handley Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

The combat code of the US Military is that we don’t abandon our dead or wounded on the battlefield. In US Air Force lingo, fighter pilots don’t run off and leave their wingmen. If one of our own is shot down, still alive and not yet in enemy captivity, we will either come to get him or die trying.

Among America ‘s fighting forces, the calm, sure knowledge that such an irrevocable bond exists is priceless. Along with individual faith and personal grit, it is a sacred trust that has often sustained hope in the face of terribly long odds.

The disgraceful abandonment of our Ambassador and those brave ex-SEALs who fought to their deaths to save others in that compound is nothing short of dereliction-of-duty.

Additionally, the patently absurd cover-up scenario that was fabricated in the aftermath was an outright lie in an attempt to shield the President and the Secretary of State from responsibility.

It has been over eight months since the attack on our compound in Benghazi . The White House strategy, with the aid of a “lap dog press has been to run out the clock before the truth is forthcoming.
The recent testimonies of the three “whistle blowers have reopened the subject and hopefully will lead to exposure and disgrace of those responsible for this embarrassing debacle. It would appear that the most recent firewall which the Administration is counting on is the contention that there were simply no military assets that could be brought to bear in time to make a difference” mainly due to the unavailability of tanker support for fighter aircraft.

This is simply BS, regardless how many supposed “experts the Administration trot out to make such an assertion.

The bottom line is that even if the closest asset capable of response was half-way around the world, you don’t just sit on your penguin ass and do nothing.

The fact is that the closest asset was not half-way around the world, but as near as Aviano Air Base , Italy where two squadrons of F-16Cs are based.

Consider the following scenario (all times Benghazi local): When Hicks in Tripoli receives a call at 9:40 PM from Ambassador Stevens informing him “Greg, we are under attack! (his last words), he immediately notifies all agencies and prepares for the immediate initiation of an existing “Emergency Response Plan.”

At AFRICON, General Carter Ham attempts to mount a rescue effort, but is told to “stand down. By 10:30 PM an unarmed drone is overhead the compound and streaming live feed to various Command and Control Agencies” and everyone watching that feed knew damn well what was going on.

At 11:30 PM Woods, Doherty and five others leave Tripoli, arriving in Benghazi at 1:30 AM on Wednesday morning, where they hold off the attacking mob from the roof of the compound until they are killed by a mortar direct hit at 4:00 AM.

So nothing could have been done, eh? Nonsense. If one assumes that tanker support really “was not available” what about this:

When at 10:00 PM AFRICON alerts the 31st TFW Command Post in Aviano Air Base, Italy of the attack, the Wing Commander orders preparation for the launch of two F-16s and advises the Command Post at NAS Sigonella to prepare for hot pit refueling and quick turn of the jets.

By 11:30 PM, two F-16Cs with drop tanks and each armed with five hundred 20 MM rounds are airborne. Flying at 0.92 mach they will cover the 522 nautical miles directly to NAS Sigonella in 1.08 hours. While in-route, the flight lead is informed of the tactical situation, rules of engagement, and radio frequencies to use.

The jets depart Sigonella at 1:10 AM with full fuel load and cover the 377 nautical miles directly to Benghazi in 0.8 hours, arriving at 1:50 AM” which would be 20 minutes after the arrival of Woods, Doherty and their team.

Providing that the two F-16s initial pass over the mob, in full afterburner at 200 feet and 550 knots did not stop the attack in its tracks, only a few well placed strafing runs on targets of opportunity would assuredly do the trick.

Were the F-16s fuel state insufficient to recover at Sigonelli after jettisoning their external drop tanks, they could easily do so at Tripoli International Airport , only one-half hour away.

As for those hand-wringing naysayers who would worry about IFR clearances, border crossing authority, collateral damage, landing rights, political correctness and dozens of other reasons not to act” screw them. It is high time that our “leadership get their priorities straight and put America ‘s interests first.

The end result would be that Woods and Doherty would be alive. Dozens in the attacking rabble would be rendezvousing with “72 virgins” and a clear message would have been sent to the next worthless POS terrorist contemplating an attack on Americans that it is not really a good idea to “tug” on Superman’s cape.

Of course all this would depend upon a Commander In Chief that was more concerned with saving the lives of those he put in harm’s way than getting his crew rest for a campaign fund raising event in Las Vegas the next day. As well as a Secretary of State that actually understood “What difference did it make?, or a Secretary of Defense whose immediate response was not to the effect that “One of the military tenants is that you don’t commit assets until you fully understand the tactical situation.” Was he not watching a live feed from the unarmed drone, and he didn’t understand the tactical situation?


Ultimately it comes down to the question of who gave that order to stand down? Whoever that coward turns out to be should be exposed, removed from office, and face criminal charges for dereliction of duty. The combat forces of the Untied States of America deserve leadership that really does “have their back” when the chips are down.


May 2, 2013

Donald Trump and other Republicans should pool funds to create a reward for information and conviction of Obama and Clinton for the murders of Americans in Benghazi. Maybe if this reward was a million or more it would get those with information to come forward with this information without fear of losing their job as has been reported. They would also need protection as we know from past and present experience American lives are expendable when it serves the purpose of these two.I am sure the Obama crew would up the reward for silence but we could only hope those with information would have the dignity to come forward and tell the truth in honor of their fellow fallen Americans.


November 29, 2012

Obama fearing the worst in the outcome of his Presidency if the Benghazi coverup gains momentum has made a circus act out of the fiscal cliff in order to keep Benghazi out of the headlines. This President is more devious than anyone could ever imagine and he stands before us with no shame after killing innocent Americans. When the leader of this country treats the death’s of his fellow citizen’s as though they were disposable his character and commitment to country is seriously flawed.