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June 19, 2016

Donald Trump has earned the right to be nominated as the republican Presidential candidate yet we still see turmoil with in the party . Paul Ryan has been a week and feckless speaker of the house with his in ability to unite the party. Trump has brought life into the republican party that which those like Ryan,Romney & Mccain have failed to do yet the old establishment has rejected a Trump candidacy as he challenges the establishment and jeopardizes their control. It has been said that some of the old establishment are already making deals with Hillary Clinton so they can retain their status in the party. I see this election as a pivotal one for the Republican party as if they fail to unite and elect Trump a third party will rise and the Republican party with the Bush’s ,Romney,s Ryan & MCCAIN  will no longer be of any significance sad but true.



March 19, 2016

The protesters are protesting Donald Trump for the following reasons. Donald Trump will create jobs which will eliminate the excuses for the lazy to be on welfare. Donald trump will deport illegal aliens and build a wall to keep them and their drugs out of the country while reducing crime. Donald Trump will make America great again rather than a national welfare agency sucking the blood out of the middle class for the benefit of others. The protesters are mad because unlike a Bernie Sanders administration which will just tax and spend the country into ruin equal to that of Greece Donald Trump will create a nation of wealth with opportunity for all who are willing to work for it. The protesters are socialist liberals who are against capitalism and want the government to support them .


February 6, 2016


September 20, 2015

Typical of those who feel privileged Trump and Walker complained and made excuses for their poor debate performance rather than acknowledging that  Carly kicked their ASS.


October 25, 2012

This election is Americas defining moment do we choose the continued state of decline with a false sense of hope in an incumbent president who has a track record of failure, deception and corruption? Obama has lied about his citizenship,education and associations with terrorist. Obama has showed disrespect to our military as well as our allies and most recently lied about the events in Benghazi where innocent Americans were killed while he watched and his response was to go on a fund-raising event for his re-election while blaming the deaths on a video and not an act of terrorism even though he knew different. The alternative is Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who have integrity and the intelligence to pull America out of the dumpster.Romney and Ryan have proven track records and nothing to hide.It is really this simple if you vote Obama your head is up your ass if you vote Romney your head is on straight.


July 19, 2012

Can you believe this idiot, a dumb ass lazy community organizer who never had a job but knows how jobs are created and can fix his previous three years of screw up’s I’m not believing it. You can  drink the koolaid or eat the BS but I will not.We need a new  President one with experience in the free market rather than socialism.


January 3, 2012

Mitt Romney has demonstrated emotional stability as well as strong traditional values which put him miles ahead of all other candidates. Mitt has shown devotion in his marriage and family as well as exemplary business sense. No other candidate shows the degree of devotion and understanding of the issues we face as a nation. Mitt clearly has the ability to put America back to work as well as improve our image as a country while upgrading our moral values. Mitt is clearly a man we can respect and be proud of in the White House his election will wipe away the current shame we are experiencing with the Obama’s..


December 28, 2011

Imagine this with an open mind. Obama is under the microscope on this election so the fraud that was committed in the last election will be subject to too much scrutiny and would be too risky. Obama will lose out right to Romney or Gingrich as he is not savvy enough or knowledgeable enough to battle wits with these two so he needs a plan. Is this plan to fund the Paul campaign while supplying supporters to attend Paul rallies all in attempt to pick his challenger for the Oval office?  Paul and his people are not bright enough to realize the source of this false enthusiasm they just feel they are actually making sense. Obama is licking his chops as Paul looks to do well in Iowa and other states as he relishes the thought of debating an old man who is a cross of Ralph Nader and Barney Frank often operating in a state of confusion spewing nonsense and comments from the cuff that are clearly not well thought out. This weak and frail looking man who probably does not know what state he is in unless it is pinned on his shirt will be demolished by the smooth talking bullshitter Obama. This would be a grand plan by the Obama administration and another means by which America would again be cheated out of a qualified leader. This time we probably would not endure as too much damage has already been done we need a serious change in direction one that can only happen without Obama. If Obama’s plan failed and he lost to Paul{ not likely} we would still be screwed as Paul is an idiot as is anyone who supports him. It must come down to Gingrich or Romney the only two qualified to lead this Nation out of the gutter.

Let’s keep this one going. It would sure help in creating more jobs … Made in the good old USA

December 7, 2011


This is great and a must do but is not the complete answer. We must remove Obama from office and put an end to big government and regulations which will reduce the strangle hold from the neck of American business. This reduction in government will result in expansion of private industry and jobs in America.


April 7, 2011

The GOP Path to Prosperity
Our budget cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from the president’s budget over the next 10 years and puts the nation on track to pay off our national debt.
Congress is currently embroiled in a funding fight over how much to spend on less than one-fifth of the federal budget for the next six months. Whether we cut $33 billion or $61 billion—that is, whether we shave 2% or 4% off of this year’s deficit—is important. It’s a sign that the election did in fact change the debate in Washington from how much we should spend to how much spending we should cut.
But this morning the new House Republican majority will introduce a budget that moves the debate from billions in spending cuts to trillions. America is facing a defining moment. The threat posed by our monumental debt will damage our country in profound ways, unless we act.
No one person or party is responsible for the looming crisis. Yet the facts are clear: Since President Obama took office, our problems have gotten worse. Major spending increases have failed to deliver promised jobs. The safety net for the poor is coming apart at the seams. Government health and retirement programs are growing at unsustainable rates. The new health-care law is a fiscal train wreck. And a complex, inefficient tax code is holding back American families and businesses.

Steve Moore has the details on Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to cut spending.
The president’s recent budget proposal would accelerate America’s descent into a debt crisis. It doubles debt held by the public by the end of his first term and triples it by 2021. It imposes $1.5 trillion in new taxes, with spending that never falls below 23% of the economy. His budget permanently enlarges the size of government. It offers no reforms to save government health and retirement programs, and no leadership.
Our budget, which we call The Path to Prosperity, is very different. For starters, it cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from the president’s budget over the next 10 years, reduces the debt as a percentage of the economy, and puts the nation on a path to actually pay off our national debt. Our proposal brings federal spending to below 20% of gross domestic product (GDP), consistent with the postwar average, and reduces deficits by $4.4 trillion.
A study just released by the Heritage Center for Data Analysis projects that The Path to Prosperity will help create nearly one million new private-sector jobs next year, bring the unemployment rate down to 4% by 2015, and result in 2.5 million additional private-sector jobs in the last year of the decade. It spurs economic growth, with $1.5 trillion in additional real GDP over the decade. According to Heritage’s analysis, it would result in $1.1 trillion in higher wages and an average of $1,000 in additional family income each year.
Here are its major components:
• Reducing spending: This budget proposes to bring spending on domestic government agencies to below 2008 levels, and it freezes this category of spending for five years. The savings proposals are numerous, and include reforming agricultural subsidies, shrinking the federal work force through a sensible attrition policy, and accepting Defense Secretary Robert Gates’s plan to target inefficiencies at the Pentagon.

• Welfare reform: This budget will build upon the historic welfare reforms of the late 1990s by converting the federal share of Medicaid spending into a block grant that lets states create a range of options and gives Medicaid patients access to better care. It proposes similar reforms to the food-stamp program, ending the flawed incentive structure that rewards states for adding to the rolls. Finally, this budget recognizes that the best welfare program is one that ends with a job—it consolidates dozens of duplicative job-training programs into more accessible, accountable career scholarships that will better serve people looking for work.
As we strengthen and improve welfare programs for those who need them, we eliminate welfare for those who don’t. Our budget targets corporate welfare, starting by ending the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that is costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. It gets rid of the permanent Wall Street bailout authority that Congress created last year. And it rolls back expensive handouts for uncompetitive sources of energy, calling instead for a free and open marketplace for energy development, innovation and exploration.
• Health and retirement security: This budget’s reforms will protect health and retirement security. This starts with saving Medicare. The open-ended, blank-check nature of the Medicare subsidy threatens the solvency of this critical program and creates inexcusable levels of waste. This budget takes action where others have ducked. But because government should not force people to reorganize their lives, its reforms will not affect those in or near retirement in any way.
Starting in 2022, new Medicare beneficiaries will be enrolled in the same kind of health-care program that members of Congress enjoy. Future Medicare recipients will be able to choose a plan that works best for them from a list of guaranteed coverage options. This is not a voucher program but rather a premium-support model. A Medicare premium-support payment would be paid, by Medicare, to the plan chosen by the beneficiary, subsidizing its cost.
In addition, Medicare will provide increased assistance for lower- income beneficiaries and those with greater health risks. Reform that empowers individuals—with more help for the poor and the sick—will guarantee that Medicare can fulfill the promise of health security for America’s seniors.

Getty Images/Imagezoo
We must also reform Social Security to prevent severe cuts to future benefits. This budget forces policy makers to work together to enact common-sense reforms. The goal of this proposal is to save Social Security for current retirees and strengthen it for future generations by building upon ideas offered by the president’s bipartisan fiscal commission.
• Budget enforcement: This budget recognizes that it is not enough to change how much government spends. We must also change how government spends. It proposes budget-process reforms—including real, enforceable caps on spending—to make sure government spends and taxes only as much as it needs to fulfill its constitutionally prescribed roles.
• Tax reform: This budget would focus on growth by reforming the nation’s outdated tax code, consolidating brackets, lowering tax rates, and assuming top individual and corporate rates of 25%. It maintains a revenue-neutral approach by clearing out a burdensome tangle of deductions and loopholes that distort economic activity and leave some corporations paying no income taxes at all.
This is America’s moment to advance a plan for prosperity. Our budget offers the nation a model of government that is guided by the timeless principles of the American idea: free-market democracy, open competition, a robust private sector bound by rules of honesty and fairness, a secure safety net, and equal opportunity for all under a limited constitutional government of popular consent.
We can reform government so that people don’t have to reorient their lives for less. We can grow our economy, promote opportunity, and encourage upward mobility. This budget is the new House majority’s answer to history’s call. It is now up to all of us to keep America exceptional.
Mr. Ryan, a Republican, represents Wisconsin’s first congressional district and serves as chairman of the House Budget Committee.

This is the best plan yet it is good to see we still have a few good men in DC most are worthless ass holes too stupid to work in the private sector.