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April 17, 2015

America is now in a state of disarray one of the final states prior to a total melt down due to the changes in policy by president Obama. President Obama has gone rogue in his  actions and has put this country in harm’s way  by his choice. President Obama has killed Americans for political gain  in Benghazi and fast and furious. President Obama has shown he is disenchanted with Christianity and is undermining Christianity as well as our constitution. President Obama is intent on alienating or allies while giving our enemies the keys to the front door. President Obama has shown America what  damage an incompetent president can do to this country as well as in the world theater. The actions of this president are nothing less than treasonous as he continues to implement policies of mass destruction to the  constitution and the foundation of our democracy. President Obama is an angry man who is seeking revenge for an anger that he is harboring against capitalism and  the free world. President Obama attempted to convince the world that he is a scholar who will bring hope and change to all. He presented himself as a messiah as he truly believes he is yet he has proven himself to be  a less than competent man lost in a world of delusion possibly a brain fog from the many years of drug use. A man  mentored by losers is nothing more than a loser himself Americans were delusional in their expectations of such an ill qualified man and are now  suffering the consequences of a Obama presidency as is the world. This president has delivered  A devastating blow to this country and most Americans are to naïve to realize this. President Obama has leveled the  battle field and empowered our enemies giving them an opportunity to deliver devastating attacks on America from a result of a weakened military and national security. President Obama has refused to acknowledge Islamic terrorism  and stand united with our allies in defense against Islamic Terrorist. President Obama has created  a hostile environment of racial tension in which he always chooses sides with no facts or basis to do so he is dividing America. President Obama has burdened America and Americas children  for the next  sixty years with unprecedented national debt that will potentially reduce the standard of living to that of a third world country. President Obama has failed to secure our borders allowing many immigrants to flood our borders and placing economic burdens on health care and welfare systems as well as other social services and allowing terrorist access to America. President Obama has created a perfect storm for this country by creating a multitude of problems as opposed to one  and a simple fix one could compare it to death by a thousand cuts. The time for change in the White House is now we cannot continue down this path and survive as a nation.



ISIS Beheads 21 Coptic Christians in Libya – A Message Signed With Blood: To the Nation of the Cross (Video)

February 19, 2015

It appears President Obama would like the Christians to believe this is not about religion. He would like Christians to relax ISIS will get tired of killing or possibly if allowed they will run out of Christians to kill .


February 5, 2015

Today President Obama invited Muslims to the White House to discuss ?? When asked who from the Muslim community was in the White House that information was refused? The White House is the property of the American Citizens not president Obama as he is just a short-term tenant and it maybe shorter than he anticipated if he continues down this path of incompetence. We as the owners of this house have a say in who is allowed to visit and the fact that we are not informed who attended this meeting brings suspicion that again radical Islamic terrorist were allowed within this great house. This is unacceptable and we need answers as to who, what &why. The rise of ISIS  is spawned from this presidents  failure to respond to radical Islamic terrorist one can only question his motives is he with us or is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing setting us up for annihilation from radical Islamic terrorist ? It smells like treason.


September 4, 2014

America is now realizing the mistake made in electing a community organizer to the office of president.Obama underestamated our enemies and offended our allies with his to cool for school attitude as he tried to charm the world by putting Americas tail between her legs like a dog being scholded.Our enemies grew stronger our allies grew distant and the President now displays a look of fear of a man who just realized he and his policies are a total failure. His fear is not that he really cares about America but more so his legacy as well as the fact he may very well cost his fellow democrats any chance of being re-elected. It is clear Obama is not a success as fellow democrats running for office do not request his campaign assistance and his wife Michelle avoids photo ops with him.


August 29, 2014

ISIL  has promised to bring terror to America and President Obama has promised to leave our southern border open and under protected so these attacks will be certain. Thousands of  illegal immigrants are crossing the border daily knowing that when they are here Obama is going to grant them amnesty in hope that they will vote democrat.Many of these illegals go unchecked and stay below the radar as they are terrorist and criminals who put a burden on our country economically while jeopardizing the national security of America and the lives of all American citizens. The mere fact that this President will put the country in harm’s way for his own personal agenda should be grounds for treason.


August 24, 2014

It would benefit America to offer Obama the following terms for his resignation and our survival as a nation. We will give him a home and a lifetime free pass to the golf course in Martha’s vineyard. We will not mention publicly that he is the most incompetent President in the history of this country. We will not impeach him and try him for treason for his betrayal in fast and furious  ,Benghazi and the IRS scandal. His lack of leadership has embolden terrorism around the world from Russia ,Iran, Hamas & ISIS. As the wall of peace and justice are collapsing around the world this President does nothing other than vacation and golf. He is a JV at best  in a varsity game and America will suffer for his short comings.