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December 15, 2016

WOW can you believe the BS coming out of the libs? Shocking that these poor losers are throwing everything but the kitchen sink to de legitimize the election of Donald Trump. These so called Democracy loving people have turned into a bunch of commies.They want to over throw the democracy they have participated in since 1776 because the election did not go their way. If they were to gather and get on a bus or  plane and leave this country we would be a stronger country a better country and one that would survive the tough times ahead. These weak and feeble minded liberals are responsible for the demise of our country and will be our ruin if they are allowed to continue with their agenda. The world has taken notice and America is now regaining respect in the world theater after rejecting Hillary Clinton and Obama policies. We as a country are now on the road to recovery,it was a long hard road under Obama one that almost destroyed this country. America realized we are on the wrong road and Clinton was going to finish Obama’s agenda of transforming America into a socialist welfare state with excess government dependency. Thank you America for rejecting the libs and your voting intelligently there is still hope but unfortunately we have many uneducated educators who are brain washing our youth with a socialist doctrine and promoting government dependency and entitlements. We must continue to work hard to overcome these idiots and their agenda they are often weak and lazy so we shall prevail.

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