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Fw: Yesterday

March 10, 2012
Yesterday I tried to have a conversation with someone who’s still an Obama supporter.I had such a hard time making any eye contact with him……

I finally just gave up.




April 7, 2011

This is so real and all the reason in the world to boycott unions and drug test teachers.People of this caliber should not be influencing America’s youth unfortunately the damage has been done and the path to socialism laid as seen by the election of Obama the crack heads are winning the battle. I feel we need to look at Catholic and Christian schools as well as Military schools and get rid of the pukes in public schools by eliminating public schools.In addition to this we have only one language english learn it or leave.

FW: Smile file — Halloween Warning

October 26, 2010


This is so funny yet scary because it is what is happening under the Obama administration. We can not allow the Democrats to undermine our democracy yet if those democrats such as Pelosi,Reid,Boxer & Brown are in office the socialist agenda will run ramped as the cheer Obama on in his attack on America.If you vote Republican you vote for America and freedom anything less sucks as do you.