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September 17, 2016

It is great men like Charlie Daniels, Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump that have and will continue to protect the rights of the people and keep us the land of the free and home of the brave. Lets save our country.Vote Trump!



March 29, 2014

We as a nation have never been in greater need of leadership such as that of Ronald Reagan as we are now. We have seen a continual decline in this nation under all of the following presidents but nothing like the decline we are seeing under president Obama. President Obama has clearly proven himself to be the dumbest president in the history of this country and a clown on the world stage. America is now in serious decline as a result of his incompetence and the world will soon be in turmoil.


February 18, 2013

As America pay’s respect to past President’s many of them great leaders like Washington,Lincoln and Reagan. We then look at our current leaders like Obama and wonder where did all the good leaders go ? It would appear it is all down hill from here as Obama transforms America from an economic power to a welfare state with its population dependent on government entitlements like a crack head depends on crack.America has always stood strong and endured under the leadership of great President’s like Reagan. Nothing good can come from a leader who serves as an example when he is proven to be lazy,uneducated, a liar who associates with criminals,terrorist and socialist. He has no job experience and sucked as a senator and he lied about his citizenship. He has killed American citizens in Benghazi and funded Acorns efforts to corrupt democracy while spitting in the face of our military and America accepts this. America you have never been at a lower point since the birth of this country and you may not recover if you allow this President to serve out his term.


January 17, 2013

If the office of the President of the United State of America is one of the most distinguished in the world why is it occupied by one of the most incompetent men on the planet ? This really degrades the legitimacy of the office and the intelligence of the American voter if voter fraud is not a factor. I can give you three reasons why this ignorant arrogant ass of a man should be impeached from office so we the citizens can save face. #1 the rate of increase spending and national debt….absurd #2 Benghazi never before has a President of the United States turned his back on his citizens while watching their struggle to survive on the big screen and refusing them assistance needed for their survival. #3 The clear disregard of the U.S. constitution by abuse of executive orders like gun control,immigration etc. Including the clear demonstration of the inability to unify and lead while giving false information about one’s self such as citizenship,education and qualifications. I am so disappointed in my fellow countrymen for such a disastrous blunder that I want to puke and move out of the country as never before have I been so ashamed of my country.Do we really have the majority of American voters drowning in stupidity and incompetence as organizations like Acorn run ramped destroying democracy. I long for a President with class and I miss Ronald REAGAN.


July 8, 2012

The weak job’s report spells trouble for the economy and the Obama re-election as Obama’s big government policies and over regulation continue to strangle economic growth. Excessive taxing and spending by this administration continue to create uncertainty with in the private sector something a socialist cannot grasp. It is really simple government does not creat jobs the private sector must create the job’s to support the government jobs if you create government jobs prior to private sector jobs you will kill the growth with tax burdens. Private sector jobs and government must stay proportional my estimate would  4 to 1 ratio private sector to government sector jobs currently we are at a 1 to 1 ratio or 1.5 to 1 but either way it is devastating and unfortunately policy among democrats. Obama and the democrats have failed in economics and with that failure everything else is pointless. If America really desires change and jobs they must make a change in the current Administration this would mean voting independent or Republican but not Democrat. Socialism is not working.


February 25, 2012

As America looks to elect a new president many wake every morning with symptoms of a severe hangover.  As America looks to the Republicans and independents to put forward a presidential candidate that will change the direction of the Obama Administrations economic devastation of the American economy. The sickness that most Americans are feeling is one of defeat as the current candidates are weak and questionable which means four more years of Obama and the last four years of the American democracy before he dismantle this country in the names of Islam, socialism, communism and the hatred of  a capitalist America. We need some stronger candidates in the race such as Jeb Bush , Chris Christy or my favorite Allen West.

The Rpublican Meltdown 2012

January 13, 2012

Mitt Romney has come under fierce attack by Gnngrich, Perry&Palin, in attempt to derail his momentum for the republican nomination.This vendictive attack on Romney has not only disrupted the unity of the Republican party but set the stage for Obama to follow by stating his attacks on Romney who will be the nominee were also echoed by his own fellow Republicans. This hatred of Romney by Perry, Palin & Gingrich is purely selfish and ignorant and will only lead to a divided party and  a  Obama victory. If the Republicans want the White House in 2012 this BS needs to stop and maturity and focus on the goal as a whole rather than individual desire.


December 28, 2011

Imagine this with an open mind. Obama is under the microscope on this election so the fraud that was committed in the last election will be subject to too much scrutiny and would be too risky. Obama will lose out right to Romney or Gingrich as he is not savvy enough or knowledgeable enough to battle wits with these two so he needs a plan. Is this plan to fund the Paul campaign while supplying supporters to attend Paul rallies all in attempt to pick his challenger for the Oval office?  Paul and his people are not bright enough to realize the source of this false enthusiasm they just feel they are actually making sense. Obama is licking his chops as Paul looks to do well in Iowa and other states as he relishes the thought of debating an old man who is a cross of Ralph Nader and Barney Frank often operating in a state of confusion spewing nonsense and comments from the cuff that are clearly not well thought out. This weak and frail looking man who probably does not know what state he is in unless it is pinned on his shirt will be demolished by the smooth talking bullshitter Obama. This would be a grand plan by the Obama administration and another means by which America would again be cheated out of a qualified leader. This time we probably would not endure as too much damage has already been done we need a serious change in direction one that can only happen without Obama. If Obama’s plan failed and he lost to Paul{ not likely} we would still be screwed as Paul is an idiot as is anyone who supports him. It must come down to Gingrich or Romney the only two qualified to lead this Nation out of the gutter.


March 29, 2011

America needs to re-evaluate our failed policies in the Middle East. Every president following Ronald Regan has failed in the middle east yet no president seems to learn from his predecessor. There is no reason for us to be intervening in the middle east had we developed our own resources and relieved ourselves of dependence on foreign oil we would not be beholden to this black hole of doom. Our solders are being killed on foreign soil liberating countries from radical dictators with no gratitude from these countries or reward. These actions cost the American tax payer billions of dollars while creating grief for many parents and spouses due to the unjustified loss of a loved one in a police action we are not and must not act as the world police. Why is it Americas responsibility to pay for these wars with tax payer funds and the blood of our own. There is no logical answer so one must only assume there is some unknown creed that requires us to lay our lives on the line for a people who hate us and the American people are nothing more than sheep for slaughter. We have supplied arms to Egypt and Saudi Arabia so the can defend themselves as well as take action when needed yet they call on us to do the job and we do so. Our solders signed up to defend America not to fight other countries battles as some second class citizen or slave because we worship a different god. We need to develop our resources and become energy independent and cut our ties with the middle east and OPEC.


January 2, 2011

The greatest president in the history of this country was honored in the rose parade with a float and a few left-wing loons who support socialism and communism booed this celebration as he was one man who pissed on the parade of these ignorant asses who really have no place in the free world.Their wishes of being spoon fed and having their asses wiped by their government because work is to stressful was put to rest by Reagan as he was oldschool…you earn it no free ride..Most staffers and followers of the daily kos probably still suck off their mammas tit.