October 19, 2016

Here is another prospective on the current presidential election.Political polls are a snap shot in time and can be manipulated by the pollster as to who ,where and when they poll. By doing so they can control the outcome of the poll and post results that are false in order to influence the election. Currently the pollsters are working for the DNC and the media in an effort to destroy the Trump campaign. These people have an agenda and it is not one that is in the best interest of this country and our democracy regardless of your political party or economic status . The democrats have approximately four million dead people registered and voting as well as millions of illegals to boot.The poor Republicans are still living in the days of honest Abe and they have no clue they are being duped . We can be sure this practice was the path to Obama’s victory and may have actually started with Bill Clinton but we as Americans have a oath to uphold democracy which requires us to fight this corruption and the rigging of our elections. Those of you who think you are not voting for Trump because he is not worthy of this office are mistaken and you are the cowards and the cancer of this country as well as the reason this country will fail. Our only last hope to restoring democracy is to over throw the establishment of both parties and start fresh with a none political outsider who is only seeking to save this great country as opposed to Clinton who would use the position of the office of president as a bargaining chip  for personal gain$$$.WAKE UP AMERICA.animatedflag1